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radio interviews

Susan Silas on "MsRepresent: Behind the Face, A Fierce Woman" interviewed by Charlene Sayo for—first broadcast October 1, 2015

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Yale University Radio WYBCX—first broadcast July 1, 2015

My interview with the Museum of Nonvisible Art. "Conversations with artists, writers, curators and more—about art and the art world as we know it. Hosted by Brainard Carey." (20 minutes).
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ArtonAir.og—first broadcast
December 18, 2009

"Photographer, writer and conceptual artist Susan Silas jolts host Will Corwin out of his dart-night induced hangover with a sobering discussion of the death march of 580 women at the end of the Second World War. This march lasted 22 days and spanned 225 miles, from Germany to the Czech Republic. For Helmbrechts walk, 1998 - 2003, Silas retraced—literally walked in—the footsteps of these women and recorded her experience through photographs and writing. They also discuss Anselm Kiefer, Charlie Chaplin and the frenziedly ephemeral life cycle of the Tizsa River mayfly—only three hours to live and so very much sex to have! (36 minutes)."
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written interviews

Digital Dying: The Distance Between Art and Death - An Interview with Visual Artist Susan Silas (April 8, 2014).

artist talks

BFA Fine Arts Presents Susan Silas. An artist talk given at the School of Visual Arts (November 11, 2014)