EULOGY, 2020
motion capture video
available in HD (1080p) and 4k
duration 4:47

EULOGY, 2020

The motion capture video EULOGY, was inspired initially by having given a eulogy for my 95 year old mother. When both of your parents are gone, the obvious logic holds that you are next. I began to fantasize about what a eulogy for me might sound like. From there the thinking became less personal. I started to think about mourning the world, something I would ironically be incapable of if I were already dead, and about our drive to achieve immortality in the face of the inevitable. Up to now, we have achieved a form of immortality by passing our genetic material on to our children and by leaving behind cultural artifacts for future generations: art, music, literature, architecture, etc. Scientists, mostly male scientists, are now engaged in the study of what is called Whole Brain Emulation, the notion that we can upload our brains to a computer, ditch our bodies, and attain immortality. EULOGY, talks about this ambition and asks whether we can remain in some essential way our selves without our bodies.  

exhibition history:

VII Festival Video nodo CARACAS 2021, Caracas, Venezuela
19th Media Art Biennale WRO 2021 REVERSO, Wroclaw, Poland
cooltXchange event, cooltsalon, London, Sofia and Belgrade
The Archive to Come, Telematic Media Arts, San Francisco (curated by Carla Gannis)
Summer Savory, UN/CUBE online gallery platform (
A Trouble Shared, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts