Leda and the Swan, 2019


I have been invited by an incredible collective of women artists who run Koli Art Space in Istanbul to screen three video works during Senkron: Eş Zamanlı Video Sergileri (Synchronous: Simultaneous Video Exhibition) between the 15th and 30th of April. Senkron is a set of events that will take place across Turkey focusing on video art held in 8 different cities with 49 different participants.

UNLIKELY online magazine, affiliated with The University of Sydney College of the Arts is doing issue 8 on Birds and Language. The publication will appear online in May. It will include a short essay about and excerpts from my videos Leda and the Swan and a work in progress tentatively titled the woman and the falcon.

I was pleased to be invited to the Horasis USA meeting that took place on the 4th of March. The digital conference was titled Shaping America’s Role in a Post-Pandemic World and included programming on the Arts. I spoke on a panel the theme of which was Reimagining the Contemporary: New forms of artistic expression develop constantly – some today are a cultural response to the pandemic, and others in reaction to the environmental conditions in the world. Artists throughout history are avant-garde communicators of society’s most pressing issues and its evolution. How do visual artists and art institutions define the new era “post contemporary”?  What could it be called, and what does it mean? This was the brief for a conversation with Suzanne Anker, Alexandra Grant, Alex Nyerges, and Deb Sokolow. The panel was chaired by artist/writer Bean Gilsdorf. A link to the zoom talk here.

I just participated in a great three part panel called Digital (Im)mortality: Philosophy, Ethics and Design hosted by the Leverhulme Center for the Future of Intelligence, held at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge. This is a link to the third panel, which included the visual artists.


This review by artist Nadja Verena Marcin of IN THE CUT – The Male Body in Feminist Art, 150 Phalluses in Feminist Art Today, is now up on Hyperallergic.

I am pleased to share this first review to appear in English of IN THE CUT – The Male Body in Feminist Art, curated by Andrea Jahn at Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken in Germany, which ran through January 2019. What About the Male Body in Feminist Art? An Exhibition Examines, Widewalls, May 23, 2018

The following is a video produced by Stadgalerie Saarbrücken on the occasion of the exhibition IN THE CUT – The Male Body in Feminist Art:

This link takes you to a video that was shot at the panel discussion held at Stadgalerie Saarbrücken on the occasion of the exhibition IN THE CUT – The Male Body in Feminist Art. The panel was moderated by curator Andrea Jahn. The panel of English speaking artists took place on May 19th and included Eunice Golden, Joan Semmel, Katherine Gilje and myself. Betty Tompkins joined us via Skype. A second panel was held the next day of the German speaking artists.