SHAME, 2021
motion capture video
available in HD (1080p) and 4k
duration 3:12

SHAME, 2021

Whole Brain Emulation is the notion that we can upload our brains to a computer, ditch our bodies, and attain immortality. SHAME talks about this ambition and asks whether we can remain in some essential way our selves without our bodies. The premise of SHAME is the relationship between shame and physical being. The question is what, if any, emotional register will exist without a body. While science has yet to prove that consciousness is immanent to the body, most think so and I am inclined to agree with that and so my thinking is about how we would fare without a body, and why men, who are at the forefront of this technology, are in such denial about the significance of the body and how deeply tied we are to the environment, one our bodies and brains evolved over centuries to live in concert with.

exhibition history:
CUVO FESTIVAL 2023, Spain.